About us

About us

Founded more than 30 years ago, Construquip Corp. has provided builders with the latest advances in construction products and technology, positioning as a company recognized for its responsibility, track record, and confidence in the execution of its work.

In Construquip we focus on the rental, sale, and services of equipment for construction. We have a range of products that include tower cranes, construction lifts, wall and column formwork, scaffolding for high-rise buildings, concrete pouring buckets, safety rails, and much more. The products that are offered by Construquip are distinguished by coming from the most prestigious factories in the world for their quality, safety, and technology.

Our clients include the most distinguished construction companies in the Republic of Panama, as well as the largest multinational companies that have carried out projects in the territories of Panama, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our teams have successfully worked on projects such as the construction of the Third Set of Locks for the Panama Canal, the New Tocumen Airport Terminal, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, commercial plazas, hospitals, universities, among others.

At Construquip, our works and services territory is not limited to Panama, since we have offered our products and services in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To guarantee a maximum level of efficiency and safety, at Construquip it is our priority that our technicians have the best and latest training in the use, maintenance, and repair of all the equipment we offer. In our company, we have a solid team of experts that includes engineers, architects, mechanics, and electromechanical technicians. In this way, we are available to offer modern and safe resources for your buildings.

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