Tower Cranes

We have a complete stock of spare parts such as motors, reducers, frequency variators, pulleys, bolts, safety mechanism, electrical components, electrical and steel cables, controls, among others available to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment in projects. For our tower cranes and forklifts, we have the original spare parts and the backing of our factories in order to provide the necessary support.

Building Hoists

In Construquip we are regional pioneers in the importation of Building Hoists for passengers and materials of the GJJ brand, recognized worldwide for its excellence in the production of construction hoists.

Sale of Spare Parts

At Construquip we are a leading company in the rental and sale of all our products, always ensuring that our customers have our support from our team when they use our equipment during work.

Accessories for Cranes

We have a wide range of accessories, which include:

– Steel buckets for concrete pouring.
– Aluminum buckets for emptying concrete.
– Magic Arm.
– Spare parts of buckets for emptying concrete.
– Steel cables for tower cranes.
– Electric cables.

Scaffolding for Support

In Construquip we have available scaffolding equipment for slabs such as load scaffolding, struts, aluminum beams, among others, making sure to provide customers with equipment with a high standard of cleanliness, safety and operation its construction.

Flying Forms

We have the advanced system Hi-Lite Flyers that allows builders great savings compared to other systems, in addition to being a much faster and efficient because it does not require a disassembled scaffolding at the time of uploading equipment for a new slab casting.

Scaffolding for Masonry

This scaffolding system is ideal for masonry work, restorations, maintenance, or remodeling in which it is necessary to obtain access for the proper work. In our masonry scaffolding system, we include iron masonry scaffolding, work platforms, and wheels in case of requiring movement of the scaffolding.

Formwork for Walls and Columns

We offer the Steel Ply panel system with a contact face of a plastic laminate for first level finishes known as Alkus. This plastic laminate not only improves the finish of the column but also allows the builder great savings as permanent plastic replaces other laminates such as traditional Plywood. The Steel Ply type board is a versatile and lightweight modular system that allows customers to make walls of almost any size or shape.
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Security Equipments

We have the safety rails, with the proper certification designed to provide the highest safety standards complying with international regulations. Our perimeter security guardrail systems allow superior and inferior reinforcement with wood overlaps.